On Guard Security is providing GPS Vehicle Tracking with

Total Connect Vehicle Tracker (TCVT2) and Asset Tracker (TCAT & TCAT-EB)

The Honeywell Total Connect Vehicle Tracker (TCVT2) and Honeywell Total Connect Asset Tracker (TCAT & TCAT-EB) provide an easy solution for the tracking of individual and fleet vehicles and trailers. The device gathers GPS the locations from the GPS satellites. The data is then communicated, using CDMA, to Honeywell's AlarmNet monitoring center. The parameters monitored are:

  • Vehicle location
  • Location history with starts and stops
  • Geo-Fencing capability with associated alerts
  • Excess speed notification

Users can access their vehicle tracking data by logging into the Total Connect 2.0 Website.

Vehicle Compatibility: The TCVT2 is compatible with the following OBD II protocols: J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO-9141-2, ISO-1430 KWP2000, and ISO-15765 CAN.

Note: Some vehicles only support a subset of these protocols; therefore the ability to monitor all parameters may be limited. Please refer to the vehicle's service manual to see what OBD II protocol it supports.

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